Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adventure and Magic published!

I published my 2009 PCT journal. I didn't get an ISBN number. Perhaps that is why it appears to be cheaper than Piper's Flight. I call it Adventure and Magic because I had so much trail magic. Unless I get an ISBN number, it won't be available through Amazon. I haven't decided if I will do that.

Update: I decided to get the ISBN number. That bumped up the price. Bummer. I doubt anyone will buy it anyway, but maybe somebody will. At least I have a copy for myself. It is nice to have my journal so nicely printed up as a memento.

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  1. Hello Diane,

    I received my copy 0f "Adventure and Magic" (nice title!) from Lulu Friday and finished it last night. Man, your accounts of battling the Oregon mosquitoes made me realize how lucky my timimg was when I went through there. I really only remember one location (Charlton Lake) that was as bad as you described. I thought they were going to carry me away into the forest that night and drain all my blood. I don't want to imagine dealing with that much aggression on a daily basis.

    Congratulations for finishing the trail and for having the talent and fortitude to publish your stories. Hikers and non-hikers alike can benefit from learning about your courage in overcoming your struggles. I have never heard of anyone else who walked from their home to the begin the trail. That was an awesome accomplishment in itself.

    I hope the memories of your PCT trek bring you inspiration and strength everywhere you go.

    Best regards,
    Jim "Palomino" Ostdick