Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update on my garden and my job

My garden is doing well. The romaine lettuce is huge. The other lettuce is growing nicely. The chard looks lovely. I wonder why people don't landscape with chard, it's shiny, showy leaves are so pretty. The cliantro is prolific. There are also lots of things sprouting that I can't seem to remember what they are. I hope they aren't weeds.

Last night I made a dish with my cilantro and broccoli and kale from the La Huerta garden. I stir-fried thin-sliced beef, onions, garlic and the vegetables with some bottled Thai peanut sauce. Cilantro and chopped peanuts on top for garnish. Served over rice. The Man loved it.

I've been working 3 hours a day or so at my web development job. I'm not sure what I'm doing there, but whatever it is, it often doesn't feel like enough hours. I like web development and sometimes three hours isn't enough.

I do wish I had a more concrete skill set than that, however. I wish I could work with my hands and that I knew a trade.

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