Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm lost

I feel lost. I am sad that another spring and summer are coming up and I'm not going to hike the PCT. There will be people out there hiking the PCT but none of them will be me. I don't have any plans at all, not for big hikes and not really for life. I feel aimless. Add to that my part-time job which leaves me with a lot of time on my hands, time I'm not using wisely. I have time and nothing to do, no goal to work toward. I practice my music for hours, I have a class that has started, but no real plan.

What happens to a person when they finally do something they've always wanted to do? What happens after that?

I am trying to keep a positive attitude and not feel down about this, but pushing these feelings down doesn't actually make them go away.


  1. "What happens to a person when they finally do something they've always wanted to do? What happens after that?"

    Dear Piper,

    I have never enjoyed my life when I thought it was happening to me. I think that's true of most people. My reaction to that feeling has always been to move, to act, to turn the tide.

    It's easy for me to say, but why don't you do something else you've always wanted to do? Or do the PCT again? Or do another trail?

    It took me the last eight years to complete my NOBO section hike. I don't feel completely finished. I feel more like I'm inspired to continue. So last week, I announced my intention to retire from high school teaching at the end of the school year and I'm hiking SOBO on the PCT beginning in late June. I want to see if I can do it all in one season. I think I can, I think I can, but whether I think I can or not, I'm right.


  2. Wow, that is great news! Congratulations on retiring! And on returning to the PCT for a thru-hike attempt. I hope you have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures and keep a journal so I can be a vicarious hiker.

    I had an idea that since I hiked from Santa Barbara to Canada that maybe I should try Mexico to Santa Barbara. I walked Santa Barbara to Mexico when I was 16. Then I would have to go Canada to Santa Barbara one day, too.

    It's quite an imposition on The Man to be away so long.

  3. I think it is time to learn to unicycle