Friday, January 08, 2010

Going out to enjoy nature this weekend

With luck, I'll be going out into the backcountry tomorrow.

Here is my gear list (sorry I have no scale for weights, but it's very light):

ULA Relay pack

Clothing carried
Fleece balaclava
Fleece sleeves
Fleece gloves
Wool socks
Rain chaps
Patagonia down sweater
Patagonia houdini

Golite Ultra-20
1/2 Z-rest
1/2 blue foam pad

Gossamer Gear One
Polycro groundsheet

A small aluminum pot with foil lid (cooking by fire)
Lexan spoon

2 1-liter platypus
1 1-liter plastic bottle
16 oz Naked juice bottle

Personal items
floss/sewing needle
bandaids/tape/gauze/random pills
stick-pic (for taking self-portraits)

Clothing worn/things carried
I'll decide tomorrow. Probably zip-off pants, long-sleeved baselayer, long-sleeved button-down shirt, light wool socks and trail runners.
Trekking poles (2)
tiny knife
lip stuff
Mosquito headnet (in case of flies)
Small digital camera

Wow! All that for just one night!

We'll be hiking about 15 miles over Saturday and Sunday through a section of the Condor Trail burned by fire last year. There may not be a trail. It might be difficult going. Hopefully I can get a new battery for my truck tonight and not wake up with a cold tomorrow. The Man has been sick since New Years and I keep wondering when I'm going to get it.

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