Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cleaning up after the PCT

I hate to replace a reasonably good post (yesterday's) with more boring news, but I just feel like it.

I made significant inroads into the disaster that is my room. I have filled about 10 grocery bags with unwanted clothing and camera stuff to be given to the thrift store. I also unpacked my sent home boxes from the PCT. I unpacked my bounce bucket and gave it a second life as a gray water catcher in my shower. All my camping gear is now in a huge pile of tubs. I have way too much camping gear, but I'll go through it eventually. Or never. Whatever.

Small steps toward getting rid of clutter, but I already feel much better. Although it is sad to see my bounce bucket no longer being a bounce bucket.

The Man is thinking about doing Section A of the PCT over his Christmas break. That gets me all excited. I hope he does it. He could go up to Paradise Cafe during this time of year without difficulty. He probably won't, but it would be great if he did. I read someone explain the feeling perfectly: "I wish you could be here all alone to share it with me." He could be out there all alone and it would be like sharing my experience with him. Then he could come home and tell me all about it and then he'd be sharing his experience with me because I would understand.

If he did the PCT, it would kinda be like doing it again myself. Not really, but sort of.

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