Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boring news

I may have misjudged my new job. I suppose some people are gruff and disrespectful but otherwise not malicious. I will have to see.

My whale job has ended, but there's a possibility of a few more days after Christmas.

The Man took me out to a show. We saw A Celtic Christmas at an old, restored downtown theater. I expected music. But it was mostly story-telling, secondly dancing (which of course involves music) and thirdly just music. I was sitting there enjoying the story-telling when he seemed to finish his story and then I thought to myself, oh, too bad he finished because I was really enjoying it. I hope he tells another story. Imagine my delight when I realized the evening was mostly story-telling.

The Man also took me to dinner, but only because I asked him if he was taking me to just a show or to dinner and a show. He appeared to be thinking that I was trying to finagle a free dinner out of him, but I didn't know if I should cook dinner or not and he had come home quite late without letting me know.

I'm feeling like ever since I stopped earning so much money, all of a sudden I'm treated as if I'm freeloading when I'm taken out. When I was rich it was always, no, save your money, and we went out to some very expensive places. Now that I'm poor it's like, hey, where's your share?

Tonight I'm going to the session even though my fingers don't want to play the flute today. I'm going by myself. I'll buy my own beer, thank you.

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