Monday, October 19, 2009


I returned to my whale job today. We had a practice session to review the procedures for identifying the sounds of whales and using the software. Lots of returnees from last year. It was great to see everyone again.

It's a great job. I am treated so well there. Everyone is so nice. I wish it were more permanent, but it is a difficult job to do so maybe it is good that it is not long-term.

I signed up for 27 hours per week. I hope that leaves me enough time to either do a little bit of freelance on the side or else to find another part-time job. It is my hope that another part-time job will appear right when I need it, just like how things I needed appeared while I hiked the trail.

Meanwhile, I read a great web site by a guy who lives without money at all. A lot of what he had to say reminded me of how it seemed to work on the trail. Somehow things always seem to work out.

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