Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kennedy Meadows

Ah. The restorative power of sleep.

After dinner last night, I stood up and could barely walk. I knew I could go no further. I found a sheltered spot between two bushes and made my bed. I got into my sleeping bag by 6pm and fell asleep. I slept well. I was warm and the sand was soft and flat. When I awoke, I felt refreshed. My back hurt no more and neither did my feet.

I made breakfast and hiked on. It was only 8 miles to Kennedy Meadows and I would reach the Kern River before then. I hoped it might be warm enough by then to wash up in the river a bit. I figured a little dilly-dallying at the river was in order. After all, Kennedy Meadows wasn't going anywhere.

I arrived at the river around 8:30. I found a good spot to wade in and try to wash off the days' accumulation of sweat and grime. I even washed my hair. The water was ice cold and the sun was only barely warm enough.

After my hair was combed and I was reasonably put back together, I forged ahead. I reached Kennedy Meadows at about 10:30, enough time for a coffee and pastry. Lots of hikers were there, having become stacked up due to the rain. People were heading out anyway, saying they had been there too long.

Word was that there was fresh snow, enough to have closed Sonora Pass. More was on the way. I felt worried about my ability to hike through the High Sierra. I planned to stay here at least a zero day and try to learn more.

It is good to rest. I had hiked further in a shorter amount of time than I ever had before these last few days. I had obviously used up some of my life energy. I needed to take some time to rest gain it back.

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