Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

At 11AM, Lenny, Chuck and I set off to Glen Aulin. When we arrived, we veered off the PCT. The point of no return. We descended into the Grand Canyon of the Tulomne. It was spectacular.

As we descended, the weather became balmy and warm. We were in heaven. We knew we would have to pay dearly for our illicit, off-PCT pleasure with a grueling climb, but we did not care. The roaring river, waterfalls and primeval forest were worth it. Being warm and dry was worth it. Walking on the ground instead of in the snow was worth it.

We made camp by the roaring Tuolumne River. It was raining warm rain as we set up our tents, and then it stopped. We bathed in the river. We had a campfire. We were elated.

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