Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I started a Trailjournals journal for my PCT hike. I'm realizing now that it won't be as good as posting my updates here. When I post them here, I can set it up so that the system automatically emails the post to my mother. Trailjournals lacks those sorts of features.

Also, I was able to show my posts from here on my other web site last year using a PHP script. The HTML that blogger creates is well-formed. The HTML that Trailjournals produces is circa 1997 tag soup. There is no way to style the dates or headings because there are none. Just HTML attributes and font tags. It's a mess. I can still embed it, but it is sucky.

I wish I hadn't started the Trailjournals journal now. I will have to post my entries in both places in order to have all the features I want.

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