Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kickoff is coming up!

The PCT Kickoff is coming soon. I'm very enthused about going.

We'll be picking up Lenny and two other people on the way. First we will have to stop in Idyllwild, unless Lenny has gotten all the way to Cabazon. We'll pick Lenny up there. Then we'll have to swing by Scissors Crossing to pick up Rockstar and her friend. Then we'll drive to Lake Morena for the kickoff.

I offered to bring a barbecue grill. They wanted a gas grill so they could set the food to cooking without having to babysit the grill. They said they could use my non-gas grill if I don't mind babysitting it. Ok, so now I have a job.

We'll enjoy Friday and Saturday of the Kickoff. Then Sunday it's off to drop people back off at the trail, unless they've found other accommodations (maybe we can all trade rides around so our drop-offs are more convenient.)

Then Sunday afternoon Tony and I will park at Pines-to-Palms Highway and start a hike of the 30 miles of trail I missed last year due to a forest fire. We'll hike to Devil's Slide trail and then get a ride back to our car. Maybe we'll take a side trip to summit Mt. San Jacinto.

Hopefully I'll be back home by Tuesday night so I can go to my database class.

Tony took the entire week off. So maybe on Thursday he and I can go to the San Rafael and do another hike.

Meanwhile, I plan to hire my niece to take care of my birds. Tony's son worked great the first couple of times, and then didn't even show up the last time. One of my birds didn't eat for at least 1 whole day, maybe more. She had escaped her cage and spent the time in the bathroom. The vet weighed her and her weight was down. I hope my niece can handle the birds, especially big old Ariel.

Lots of fun coming up!

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