Monday, March 09, 2009

Made my own mosquito netting for my poncho

I bought a piece of mosquito netting in Lone Pine last year hoping I could use it somehow to eat my dinner in peace from the buzzing swarms of mosquitos. It never did work out. I saved it hoping to find a use someday.

It occurred to me that I could possibly fashion some kind of mosquito netting for my poncho tarp. Well, after fiddling with it, I managed to create something that might work. I will have to set the tarp up very low to the ground because the netting only covers the front. I will have to make sure all three sides are right against the ground so that mosquitos can't fly in under. Fortunately I am short so I still fit inside.

Here is what it looks like:

It wraps around the front and attaches to the tent pegs in the far corners with some elastic that I threaded through a seam.

Here's a close up of where it attaches.

The elastic holds the netting on snug and yet the netting is easily removed if I do not need it. I did not have to sew or glue on anything new to the poncho itself.

I can get in and out relatively easily, too. I added more elastic cordage to the front bottom corners so that I can loop them through the front tent pegs and ensure the netting stays put.

I will have to find an opportunity to test it where there are mosquitos.

The poncho with the netting is lighter than my tent and almost as comfortable inside. All I need now is a way to make an attachable front panel that is rain resistant, similar to the netting. Then my poncho would be decent, comfortable shelter in the rain. I bet I could use a polycro ground sheet.

This is fun.

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