Monday, February 02, 2009

My bivy and chaps arrived today

Today my rain chaps and bivy sack arrived.

I love the rain chaps. They are much nicer than they appear on the web site where I bought them. They are a nice green instead of blue and they don't look as cheap. They also don't make me look like a cowboy like the web site said. They seem very nice and like they will do a perfect job. They make me hope for a little rain so I can use them.

The bivy sack is perfect, too. I worried that with a mummy bag cut I might not be able to fit my z-rest pad inside. My down quilt attaches to the z-rest which means that it would not be optimal to have the pad outside the sack. The good news is that the z-rest will fit inside.

Both these items are made by Equinox and both are of sil-nylon. They seem like they will work perfectly.

Now I'm wondering if I should find a smaller tarp. The tarp I have is 8x10. This will work perfectly for Tony and I when we hike together. But it may be too big for myself. I will decide that later after we have had a chance to use the tarp later this month. Technically I don't need a tarp since I have a great tent already. Technically I don't need the bivy sack, either, since I have the tent, but my plan is to use the tarp for rain and the tent only when I don't feel like sleeping out in the open. But that is a lot of unneeded weight and bulk to carry around.

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