Thursday, December 18, 2008

Signing up for classes

I decided to sign up for classes at City College. I did it by online registration. This is the first time I have ever done online registration. There is something completely unsatisfying about the process. It's faceless and stressless. No waiting in long lines hoping the classes you want don't close before you get to the front of the line. No writing a check and fretting about the cost. It goes on your credit card. I guess I'm still a hold-out for the old-fashioned ways. The anticipation is much more exciting.

I have signed up for a database course and a course in UNIX operating systems. I have a Mac and know a little UNIX but I want to know more. I hope they do some shell scripting.

There was a technical writing course that seemed interesting, but it was an online course, and call me old-fashioned again, but online is going too far for me. I'm not against online learning exactly, but it seems so unsatisfying. And I'm not in it only for the knowledge to be gained. I enjoy meeting people in the class and making connections for jobs and things I might not otherwise hear about.

The best part about signing up for classes is I will get a bus pass. Now I'll be able to walk to the bus stop (a little over a mile for the mail local line) and take the bus for free. It's like being able to walk anywhere in town for free and get much further than my feet alone can take me.

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