Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Maps from Santa Barbara to the PCT

I created some initial maps to link Santa Barbara to the PCT. My maps begin near Ojai because I already know how to get from Santa Barbara to Ojai. I would take the Cold Spring Trail to Blue Canyon, then hike the road to Juncal Campground, follow the dirt road past Jameson Reservoir and over Murietta Divide to the road where my maps begin near Matillija Dam.

On my maps I drew the trail in TOPO! on a different level so in a couple of places I drew the line along a trail that does not exist on the level I printed, or else the line wavered a bit from the trail.

I think there are problems with my route. There is a section where I seem to go a very long way without access to water. Then there is the area near I5. I have no idea if the roads I have to walk are public or dangerous or what. There is also a connection I make to Mutau Flat that has no trail on the zoomed in level. I would probably end up taking the Johnston Ridge trail to Sespe Hot Springs instead. Who wouldn't want to go to the hot springs? They are nice hot springs!

Click here to see my maps. Any suggestions are welcome.

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