Thursday, October 30, 2008

I need a Windows computer

Great work is coming my way. I will have a chance to help someone optimize their web site. I know she will be happy with the results.

I need a Windows computer. I'm a Mac owner and I love my Mac but one thing a Mac cannot do is run IIS and .NET. Well, technically my Mac can do that if I run a dual boot system, but I do not have the very latest Mac OS so it appears that it would be a pain to get set up. I also do not have a Windows OS installer.

I do have a Windows computer but it does not work. I took an A+ course many years ago but I do not feel comfortable working on the computer myself. I think the hard drive is shot. Plus everything on it is probably bootleg and I'm not too fond of the Chinese characters that come up on some of the DOS screens. It seems like he computer is more of a hack than anything to depend upon.

I am looking forward to getting started with my new project. I hope I will have sufficient time to devote to it. I am starting to get very busy with my acoustical analyst job and the pet store.

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