Monday, September 29, 2008

Productive day

Today was a great day.

First it started out with my favorite kind of weather. There were sub-tropical clouds in the sky, the air was humid with a tang of coolness to temper the warmth. It was the kind of weather for riding a Vespa without a jacket. There were even a few sprinkles in the morning. It was the kind of rain you can just continue to sit out in. I love that.

After that, I finally heard from one of the web development gigs I've been trying to get hired for. My self-employment career finally got some input. I'm reminded how talented and skilled I really am. When I don't work, it is easy to forget.

Meanwhile, I've been learning to play Walls of Liscarroll and Garret Barry's Jig on the mandolin. I'm loving the mandolin. It turned out I actually got paid in real money for the gig the other night. So I can claim to be a paid musician now.

If I can ever finish my books, I'll be a paid author, too. I'm struggling with an ending to my PCT journal book. An ending differentiates a book from a series of blog posts. I'm struggling to write the ending, but I am getting closer.

I'm feeling productive. Things may take off for me. I can hope.

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