Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A trip downtown

I went downtown yesterday.

First I went to a meeting of the Bicycle Coalition. I'm always impressed by the savvy these folks have being able to get things done. They understand how to work the system in a way I never will.

After the meeting was over I attempted to kill time wandering around downtown waiting for the farmer's market to get set up and open. I bought a salad and wedge of delicious wheat bread at the Natural Cafe and ate it by myself.

When the farmer's market finally opened I bought a ton of fruit and vegetables. It all looked so delicious. All I need is some cheese and maybe some fish and yogurt and I can feast on fresh food for a while.

I realized that I spent the whole day surrounded by people but I felt almost completely alone and invisible. Mostly when I did speak to another person the conversation was transactional. The trail brought out in me an openness toward other people. I would see another person on the trail and we'd just start talking to each other. It's not like that now and I feel myself retreating back into my shell.

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