Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Started writing the book

I started assembling my blog posts and my paper journal into a book. It will be a self-published book. I hope it will be affordable. There are a few things I never wrote about in my blog so I hope it will be interesting, too.

It's been fun reading over my hike, reliving some of the earlier days. Things changed so much over time. I'm amazed how strong I was in the beginning. I wish I could have kept up the strength. I am surprised how detailed my memory still is for each and every day, too. I can remember not just the trail but also people's names, place names and my feelings.

I still feel so sore and stiff. I'm trying to eat more protein and I can tell that it helps, but the recovery is taking much longer than I ever thought it would. I still struggle with wanting to eat more food than I'm letting myself. I know I'm not active enough to eat as much as I want anymore.

I plan to go to the farmer's market again today. There really is a difference in how much better the fruit and vegetables taste when you buy the locally grown and organic food there. I think it's a conspiracy of the regular supermarkets to sell bad tasting vegetables and fruit so you'll buy more junk food instead. I think it's also a conspiracy of the natural food market to have such high prices for produce that still isn't as good as the farmer's market.

I was going to walk there, but I think I'll ride my bike instead.

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