Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's hot here

Today I hiked a local backcountry hike to Fish Creek with the Sierra Club. It's considered one of our easier hikes because the trail has hardly any elevation change. It still kicked my butt.

They say the PCT puts you in the best worst shape you've ever been in. What that means is you can walk a marathon every day but that's only because the trail is relatively level and smooth. Walking forward is about all you can do anymore. Even too many rocks on the trail had me stumbling like a drunk.

Today's hike was relatively level and smooth but I swear it seemed steeper. Plus all these day hikers go so fast. I couldn't keep up.

And then of course I'm still sore in the legs and feet with that hiker hobble everybody, even the dogs who do the PCT, get.

Another observation from the hike: day hikers are really loud. At times I found it a bit much all the shouting. In the past I would have considered that just talking but now it seems like yelling.

It felt strange giving people my real name when asked. Who am I anyway? Piper or Diane? Did Piper get left behind on the PCT? Did Diane get left behind when I started the PCT? Who's here now?

It bothered me to sit at Fish Camp with the backpackers there. They were sitting in their own filth of fish bones and banana peels and not concerned in the least. Later I felt sorry for the poor pond-locked fish whose pool we jumped into with our deoderant and suntan lotioned skin.

I thought maybe the hike would seem like Hat Creek Rim but instead it seemed more like Deep Creek. It was about 100 degrees. The creeks still had some water in them and it was pretty refreshing to soak my shirt and feet but with no shade it was quite tiring to be in such heat. My warm water was adequate but not refreshing and there was no cold lemonade made from a cold fresh spring today.

We all went out for dinner after the hike. I was starving. I hadn't brought enough lunch. I figured I've been relaxing this week and maybe my metabolism is winding down some. But apparently a little hike in the hills has my body saying, Oh yeah this again? Well, let's turn on the heat. I ate a cobb salad and was still hungry afterwards.

All during the hike my pants were falling down. I think I'm still losing weight now at home. That's a good thing since I worried about gaining it all back when I got home. I've been trying to restrain myself from eating like a PCT hiker now that I'm not one anymore. I've been satisfying my desires for fresh fruit and vegetables but maybe my metabolism is still running on boil and wishing for some pancake sandwiches.

I took some ibuprofen during the hike. It helped a little. I hope my legs and feet recover some day.

I wish I knew better how to recover from something like this. I just have to hope it'll work out I guess.

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