Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Using a hula hoe

I remember when I was a kid they used to have those Ronco TV commercials during the day. One I remember was for the hula hoe. I guess the hula hoe went legit because now you can buy them at garden shops. There was one in the tool shed at the La Huerta garden.

I hula hoed the garden today. It's hard work, but much less than bending over and pulling every tiny little weed. You just scrape below the surface and turn the weeds into mulch.

I just wish they'd invent something to remove Kikuyu grass.

After watering and weeding I felt pretty tired. I ate some figs from the garden to get me home. I also brought home some passion fruit for Ariel, our cockatoo, and a long, thin, light green melon that is supposed to taste like a cucumber. I traded my avocados for the cucumber. I have so many more. I ought to sell them for 50 cents a piece. Would it be strange for a full-grown lady to put up an avocado stand on the sidewalk like a little kid?

Working in the garden is very pleasant. I would be interested in a part time job in landscaping. Not full time because I don't think I have enough strength and energy to do it that much. I'll just put that out there and see what becomes of it, if anything.

Today I read an interesting quote.
In an artificial world, only extremists live naturally.
That seems to explain a lot about me.

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