Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today is 'Someday'

We all have something we say someday we'll do. For me, today is that Someday because I leave today to drive down to the border and start my hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

I could barely fall asleep and stay asleep last night. I was a bundle of nerves. I had nightmares that we had way more pet birds than we actually do and that a whole bunch of them died because I forgot to care for them. But other than that and a few worries that maybe this overweight, out-of-shape, old lady is crazy for doing this, I've been very calm. Let's hope I don't come home defeated after a couple of weeks, all this wind-up and preparation an exercise in humiliation.

Today involves a long drive and then who knows what exactly. Tony (Trailhacker) is coming with me for a few days. We may start hiking today or we may just drive to the border for some pictures or we may have to hike to the border from wherever we can park the car, which might be a few miles of hiking if that place is the ranger station on the map.

Immediately we'll be confronted with almost 20 miles without water on the trail. So immediately we'll either have to push our mileage or carry enough water for a dry camp. Already I can see I packed too much food so my pack is overburdened. I also packed my cell phone, which is something I didn't want to do because it's heavy. I meant to mail it to myself. But it might be useful.

Tony will hopefully take dispatches from the trail when he gets home and put some reports in my blog from time-to-time. I'll be keeping a journal the old-fashioned way: paper and pencil. So many people out there have pocketmail and phones and all kinds of gadgets and really, I just want to get away and really be there, not tapping away on some tiny screen.

So, here's to finally really being there on Someday. Cheers!

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