Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New cookware, socks and more


I've started testing my food and cookware to determine what's the best to bring with me. I decided that my cup-shaped pot is not very good because, due to its narrow shape, too much heat escapes as flames wrap around the pot and escape into the air. So today I purchased a 3-piece, titanium cookware set that is more pot-shaped, low and wide. 

I will leave one of the pieces home and just take the bigger pot and the lid. I figure maybe I can justify the extra weight of the lid by eating off the lid while a second pot of water is heating. Also, the lid has pot grabbers and one thing I tend to do a lot when cooking is burn myself so anything to help keep me from burning myself is good.


Yesterday's test demonstrated that quinoa and red lentils cook up as soon as the water is boiling after soaking for several hours. I will definitely order some in bulk from the co-op. I also determined that the $6 pint-sized containers of dried vegetables and fruits at Lazy Acres are more cost-effective than trying your own. If only they had onions and peppers!


Good news! My favorite backpacking store finally carries my favorite socks. I told them every time I went in that they should have them and now they do. I like the ones with all the toes because my little toes tend to curl under my other toes, which hurts very much. The toe sections keep my toes separated.


Yesterday I set up my tent and applied seam sealer to it. I left it set up over night. The sprinklers came on this morning. One of them was spraying directly into the tent. It's almost completely dry inside now though and the tent held together just fine. It's a Gossamer Gear "The One".

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