Friday, March 14, 2008

Last day completed

Well, I finished my last day of work. I didn't make it through without tears. I will miss the wonderful friends I made there.

This was the first job I can remember where the women were great to work with. I will miss working with such great women. Women who were smart, capable, ambitious and not raving lunatics yelling at people at the top of their lungs or plotting evil psychological schemes against their enemies. How refreshing!

And I threw it all away to chase a dream.

The Callings book said sometimes the reason people don't follow dreams is because the sacrifices are too great. I swear I stumble through life completely blindly. Sacrifices? What sacrifices? I guess I'm so blind I have to find out what they are after I make them. Chancing working with fire-breathing harpies and grabby lechers again is a risk I realize I've just taken. Leaving smart women who could have been decent role models for me is a sacrifice.

So, the PCT adventure really begins now. No more excuses for not assembling my gear and getting in shape. 

What did I do today? I bought a mesh duffel bag intended for storing balls, like volley balls. I needed some mesh fabric and this seemed like the cheapest way to get it. I am going to enlarge my backpack by sewing the mesh on the outside to form pockets for holding more stuff. The fabric is red like my backpack.

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