Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another use for remote access

I have available to me one of the remote access software products. It allows me to work from home by logging into my work PC from home. The only trouble is, I never work from home. I always go in to the office.

I kind of have a problem with the whole work from home idea anyway. A couple of problems actually.

One is that I like going in to the office. I prefer being able to interact with other people in person and I just like getting out of the house and away from my birds.

The other problem is that when I work from home I feel trapped in my home, and it starts to feel like my home becomes an extension of my office, as if my home belongs to the company I work for. It's like that because Tony works from home all the time. I have to tip-toe around my own house because when he's working, our house belongs to his office and not to us anymore.

So, for these reasons, I hardly ever get a chance to use the remote access software for what it is meant for. But I have found it very handy for web design.

I have a Mac at home. I do my best to guess at the potential CSS bugs that Internet Explorer will have, but without a Windows computer at my disposal, it can be difficult. With the remote access software I can actually upload my changes to the server with my Mac and then view the results instantly on my PC through the remote access software. I think this is easier than browser cams, running back and forth down the hall to the PC in the back room, running a dual boot system, or (horrors!) buying another laptop. In fact, I didn't have to install or do anything to my Mac at all.

So, with this nice tool, I was able to fix my web site (not this blogger site) and get it working on both Mac and PC from the comfort of my Mac.

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